LE MESNIL Non-Vintage


This particular cuvee is made by blending various parcels of Chardonnay grown in Le Mesnil sur Oger. The wines used are specially selected for their finesse and ethereal qualities which give the wines their complex and mouthwatering flavors. Fine bubbles and sustained effervescence, this seductive Champagne is a reflection of the expertise of Le Mesnil House. Beautiful balance between fruits and pastries supported by the minerality of the wine defining this vintage of gourmet. Le Mesnil Brut is perfect throughout a meal, from aperitif to dessert and indeed at any time of the day or night.

     - Blanc de Blancs (100% Chardonnay) Grand Cru
     - Harvest 2018 with 90%, 8% harvest 2016 and 2% harvest 2014
     - Bottling: March 2019
     - Minimum 3 years of aging in cellar
     - Disgorging beginning of 2022 as BRUT (sugar dosage 9.6 g/l)

Perfect from aperitif to dessert.

     BETTANE  and DESSEAUVE  silver 2019

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