A traditional Savoir-Faire

   Every step of the vinification process is carried out with the utmost respect. Our modern and well equipped cellars allow us to work according to time respected traditions, whilst enablig us to closely monitor each cuvee to another. Once the vinification stage is finished the wines are transfered to the cellars for ageing for a period of at least three years. Their aromas are allowed to develop fully during this period, resulting in the sumptuous blends which confer to each of the Mesnil Cuvees its own unique character and inimitable flavour. These are the cuvees that we are proud to offer you, our rich and varied range of Champagne is made to accompany the greatest moments in your life. 

Grand Cru

   A "Grand Cru" is not an administrative subdivision of the area of Champagne production. A Grand Cru is a particular soil, limited, precious, which, thanks to the geological nature of its ground, the specific qualities of its orientation, promotes harmonious development of the great grapes and the produces great wines. The Grands Crus are few (17), there are even less of Grands Crus Blanc de Blancs (7) compared with 350 wines listed in champagne area. A Grand Cru Chardonnay is not only rare, it is a gold sparkle.